Victory for bora and Emperor Theodosius

Organiser: Theodosius Cultural and Educational Society (KID Teodozij)

Event information: KID Teodozij, mob.: +386 41 671 170, e-mail:

Time and place: 24 June 2010, starting at 18:00, in the valley at the foot of Zemono

Programme: The perfect combination of spectacle and culture will create an atmosphere that pervaded the Vipava Valley some 16 centuries ago. We will see the revival of Roman customs, and a great many Roman soldiers and horses set in an original environment will take you back in time. The action will take place in a genuine antique atmosphere, which will be even more magical after nightfall when torches and floodlights illuminate the area. It is then that the most important part of the evening programme will take place: the outdoor spectacle titled "394", serving as a reminder of the thundering battle which had momentous consequences for the great Roman Empire. The programme also features a stunning race of Roman quadrigae, chariots drawn by four draught horses abreast, and gladiator fights.


• The pristine scenery of the beautiful Vipava Valley will play host to a remarkable event with a dazzling cast, who will create a magnificent and unforgettable antique atmosphere.

• You get to see the very first public performance of the theatre spectacle titled "394".

• The event will feature a spectacular race of authentic Roman quadrigae, with 16 horses running fiercely for the honour and glory of their masters.

• Magnificent lighting effects will be twirling around in the typical Vipava bora wind.

• The event also has an educational side to it, as you get to see historical figures and events first-hand, as well as witness a battle one could only read about in books.

• There is no admission fee, and you get to enjoy yourselves in the open air and in good company.


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